Island Hopping Info

The foremost activities you can do while island hopping are swimming and snorkeling. Aside from the boat and guide, island hopping packages may also include lunch and snacks, entrance fees, snorkeling equipment, and life vests for those who are not comfortable swimming in the open sea. The prices of island hopping packages vary depending on the number of people joining the group.

Helmet Diving


Do you ever wonder how it feels like to walk under water? Now, you can try it out yourself!

The Hilutungan Island Marine Sanctuary is an area where marine life is protected making it among the best places to see a huge variety of tropical fish. Even as it was declared a protected area by the government, people are allowed to visit the place as long as they do not destroy the natural habitat of the fish.

The Caohagan Island is a marine sanctuary that stretches around three kilometers along the coast of the island. The marine sanctuary was created upon the request of the barangay officials and a benefactor of the barangay. While you can swim in any part of the island, the best area would be along the area where the sandbar is located.

The Nalusuan Island is a part of the Olango Island group where a beach resort facility is situated. It is around one hectare in size and is located between the islands of Cebu and Bohol. The marine life in this island is also as rich as the Hilutungan Island Marine Sanctuary.