10.000 Roses


You've probably heard of 10000 Roses Café & More by now. It is undeniably the most popular and most sought-after café in Cebu today after making a huge buzz on Facebook.

The 10000 Roses Cafe is a small concrete structure located at the end of the Cordova Tourism Center. The two-storey cafe has an air-conditioned area as well as huge spaces for al-fresco diners and guests. The cafe, which rocks a modern industrial look, also has a roof deck which offers an amazing view of the ocean, the Cordova mangrove forest, and the ever-changing skyline of Metro Cebu.

Guests at the 10,000 Roses Cafe can enjoy an amazing view of Metro Cebu. Since the cafe is sitting at the edge of the water, the view is unobstructed. After dark, the view from the cafe's rooftop deck and back patio becomes even more jaw-dropping as the skyline illuminates and sparkles.

The selling point of the cafe are the fields of white roses on both sides of a concrete foot path leading to the main dining area. The flowers are about 3 feet tall and are made of plastic. When viewed from certain angles around the area, the two parallel fields could look like endless fields of white blooms.