Taboan Pasalubong Area


Taboan Market: The Best Tasting Dried Fish is Found in Cebu

If you're in Cebu, you should definitely stop-by this market. It's one of the beautiful parts of Cebu's retail district.

Being one of the busiest and most crowded markets in Cebu for the famous 'danggit' (dried rabbitfish), Taboan Market is always on travellers' list whenever in the area.

Taboan is where you can find the widest array of buwad or dried fish, local delicacies and even hand-crafted household materials. Of you were to buy pasalubongs for your friends and relatives outside Cebu, Taboan is where you can find cheaper dried mangoes, otap, masareal, chicharon and dried seafood products. You can also find the best-tasting bibinka, biko and binignit here, too. For locals, Tabo-an is also the go-to market for fresh fish, meat products, fruits and vegetables. You can also buy cheaper sweets and delicacies from the Northern part of Cebu as well such as rosquillos and galletas de carmen since Tabo-an is one of the biggest distributors for locally-manufactured goods. Aside from the cheaper price, you can always haggle with the vendors for a lower selling price.

What's more, aside from household materials, this is where people source building materials and landscaping materials such as hoses, plants, fertilizers and flowerpots. There are also dealers for handcrafted baskets and souvenirs especially shell products.