Virgin Island


Virgin Island (also known as Pungtud or Pontod Island) is probably the most iconic island destinations in Bohol

This is known to local as the Virgin Island because nobody lives here and the place is not always visited by tourists even though it's opened to the public a long time ago. Virgin Island is one of the many islands in the Philippines where a big area of the beach sink during high tide and only the palm trees in the middle of the island are visible.

Known to many locals as the "hidden oasis", Virgin Island is clearly an attraction due to its long stretch of white sand beach during low tide which spans around 1 hectare. 

In Virgin Island, one can see different kinds of sea creatures from a variety of fishes, sea urchins or "swaki", shells, star fish and a lot more. Sometimes Boholanos also sells edible "swaki" which is called as the "fear factor" food because many people haven't tried it.